HIMEKA Debut Single Announced

Sony Music Shop Link (also listed on various other CD sites)

The debut single of our fellow friend/IRC user/anime fan/whatever-you-might-want-to-call-her, HIMEKA, has been officially announced! If you didn’t know already, she’s singing the OP song of this season’s show, Senjou no Valkyria. I’m going to save the speech here of how we have seen her coming all the way to where she is now, etc etc. However, if you have no idea of anything about HIMEKA at all, I do have to let you know that at least.

Wikipedia entry about her (nope, it’s not written by me)

The links of her blog and official site are also listed there. To show our support, LonE will not be releasing her single which is due on 5/27. We have also got the words of the other Rizon music group, Nipponsei, that they will do the same. I urge you to also show your support by purchasing her debut CD.

4 thoughts on “HIMEKA Debut Single Announced

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this. I’ll have to go convince a friend that I’ll need to buy something online since I’ll try to support her CD. The opening is fantastic, pure and beautiful albeit short so far.

    Can’t wait until the single is out! (Couldn’t believe she’s a Canadian too, that’s pretty cool)

  2. Anyone knows of some shop that ships to Europe? >.> (Specifically Sweden, a worthless country in the north of EU)
    Can’t get my hands on this one otherwise ;_;

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