FictionJunction – Everlasting Songs

This should have be part of the previous post, but because I got too much to say about this album, I felt like it deserved its own post. I’m not exactly a crazy fan of Kajiura Yuki unlike someone *coughkhicough*, but I do enjoy quite a few of her songs. For other 2/25 releases, please refer to the post below.

1. Hoshikuzu [KEIKO / KAORI]
2. Kioku no Mori [YUUKA]

Comment: ED of the upcoming Tsubasa OVA, Shunraiki. Not my type of song.
3. dream scape [KAORI]

Comment: Tsubasa Chronicle insert song. Sounds so-so to me.
4. Gin no Hashi [WAKANA / KEIKO / KAORI]

Comment: I like this song in general, but two of the (identical) paragraphs just sound a bit weird to me.
5. Kaze no Machi he [KEIKO]

Comment: the famous Tsubasa Chronicle insert song. Along with “inside your heart”, they are my all-time FictionJunction favorites (with keyword “FictionJunction”. If it’s just talking about Kajiura Yuki, I can name quite a few other songs).
6. here we stand in the morning dew [YUKIRO KAIDA]

Comment: first of all, I believe the artist name is a typo/misprint. It’s supposed to be Yuriko, not Yukiro, but I put what it says in tag anyway. Supposedly the c/w song of Chrno Crusade ED single “Sayonara Solitia”, it was originally sung by Chiba Saeko (also featured in her best album “everything”. I love that album by the way), but in this album it’s sung by someone else! And I have a huge problem with that. I really, really love the original version sung by Chiba Saeko. I did give this one a chance, and the only thing I like about it is the rearrange of the bridge, but only the first half of it. It quickly turns into electronic guitar, which really destroys it for me. How about you guys? Which version you prefer, Chiba Saeko’s, or this one?

7. synchronicity [KEIKO]

Comment: OP of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, remix/rearranged. I don’t like this version.
8. Hanamori no Oka [KAORI]

Comment: to be honest, this is my first time hearing this Hokuto no Ken song. I quite like it.
9. Mizu no Akashi [WAKANA]

Comment: Gundumb, gundumb, gundumb. Enough said.
10.cazador del amor [YUUKA]

Comment: I wish they put “I reach for the sun” instead if they had to pick something from El Cazador. Oh wait, that’s not FictionJunction. Never mind.
11.Himitsu [YURIKO KAIDA]

Comment: Noir. Good old time.
12.Houseki [KEIKO]

Comment: another song sung by a different person. I never heard the original version by Inoue Marina before so can’t comment.
13.Yume no Tsubasa [KAORI]

Comment: yet another Tsubasa Chronicle song. I like it alot more than “dream scape” though.
14.Michiyuki [KAORI]

Comment: yet another song sung by a different person. Again, I never heard the original version by Hikita Kaori, so can’t comment.
15.everlasting song [ASUKA]

Comment: oh yeah, this one. I said above that “Kaze no Machi he” and “inside your heart” are my 2 all-time FictionJunction favorites. This comes in as 3rd.

7 thoughts on “FictionJunction – Everlasting Songs

  1. @Rhyel
    >Why not use lame 3.98.2?
    Lazy to update. 😀

    >And about lame options? -q 0 or –preset insane
    The answer is… I’m not sure. I use dbpoweramp for music ripping, and I tried to do some research on what parameter they use for 320k “Normal” encoding, but I couldn’t find the info.

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  3. Thank you for the rip, guu-chan!

    Overall, this album is good but honestly a lot of the original songs are much better than these remakes, however they’re still worth listening to!

  4. Your releases are kinda unique….but can you (please) think of an idea to reduce the file size and maintain the quality.
    my harddisk space is small (not too small) ….,therefore i have re-encode to the files to lower bitrate.
    how about using ‘mp3PRO’.

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