Nico Stars (Cover 1)

I said that I would type something up about Nico singers for my friend (successful corruption), so here it is!

This is related to music, so it’s okay!

Nico singers are basically people who upload amateur (?) covers of songs. Some of them might be secretly pro or have doujin music connections, but most of them are just normal people with pretty voices. :V

Tools for stalking: blogs (look in their mylist), まとめ, Singlink.

It seems that most of the singers I like happen to be girls, but I’ll do my best to cover some of male singers too. I also prefer singers who do VOCALOID covers (anime covers are so 2007). It’s not going to be in any specific order. It’s just who I see first while I’m going through my playlist.

Mesubuta (雌豚) is known for her 2ch VIPPER parodies and voice impressions. As for her name, yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. Her voice has a pretty big range, from sweet to hilariously GAR-ly. While her parodies are funny to listen to, my favorite cover would have to be twinkle’s despise, where she sounds like a extremely cracky Shikata Akiko singing to AliPro-equse music.

Shachou (社長) has a really pleasant nasal voice. He deleted most of his stuff on Nico, but you can still find them on YouTube. As of recently, it seems that he’s been doing more commericalized stuff. Last year, he composed and sang a song called Kimi no Uta for Kimi no Sei, which is some keitai novel. Shachou also regularly attends Comiket and M3, where he releases CDs under his circle. Orange Heart is his latest doujin release, and it happens to feature two other Nico singers, nayuta and Jigiru. My personal favorite from him would have to be Eigou no Arutoki.

Jigiru (ジギル) is dual composer/singer. In fact, he’s the composer of Eigou no Arutoki. As a singer, he’s probably most known for his “freedom” medleys where he adlibs with his own lyrics and parodies. Thanks to him, I can’t properly listen to “you” without my mind substituting it with that damn B’z song. Jigi-tan also has a pretty cracky sounding voice, and gets requested to provide narration and dialogue frequently. Unfortunately, he deleted his solo videos / blog two days ago and is taking a break from Nico due to various circumstances (2ch drama, that’s all you’re getting). Hopefully, he’ll come back soon…

nayuta is the most popular female Nico singer. Her rise to stardom is probably thanks to her rendition of Kumikyoku “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu”, where she puts on a solid Haruhi impression. Nayu-tan mostly sings with her high, cute voice, but is capable of doing deeper ranges as well (which I prefer). As I can tell from her blog, she’s an extremely adorable and nice person, and on some occasions, such as her birthday or Christmas, will upload a huge package of songs for you to enjoy. As with Shachou, she’s heading towards the commericalized aspect of things, although she still uploads covers on Nico. You pretty much find can find her in various commericals and voice ringtones, and even as a seiyuu in Candy Boy (but as a waitress orz). nayuta also participates in doujin work under the name Nanakusa Nayu (ななくさなゆ), although she has yet to release anything under that HN. You’ll have better luck finding her doujin stuff under her old name, Haduki Nano (葉月なの).

Gazelle (ガゼル) was one of Nico’s legendary singers, known for her beautiful cover of Melt. She also sang various covers of Sakamoto Maaya, SPEED, and Sound Horizon. Before she abruptly quit, Gazelle formed a unit with two other popular nico artists, Re: and Sariya-jin called GaRiRe:O (ガリれ:お). Their voices were all wonderfully harmonious with each other (too bad it didn’t last long). You can find her as a doujin artist under the name of Yanagi Nagi (やなぎなぎ). In fact, she was a doujin participant long before she started singing on Nico. However, Gazelle hasn’t completely discarded her Nico history. She appeared as a secret guest at last summer’s Nico Summer Live, and performed with Sariya and Re:, allowing GaRiRe:O to reunite for one last time. In addition, as a tribute of sorts, she recorded a new version of Melt to be included in ryo’s 3 million anniversary package. Other than that, you’re better off stalking her doujin work now.

Usa (うさ) has a sweet voice comparable to Gazelle’s, but she’s able to do deeper ranges as well (her Roshin Yuukai is looooooow). World Is Mine is her most popular cover, with over 500k views. In addition, her cover of Dear was popular enough that it was made into a ringtone. Usa is also a doujin artist, working under the name of Hana, and collaborates with various VOCALOID producers, such as Kobayashi Onix and minato. She also participates in Usa Colony, a doujin circle composed of famous producers and singers. Usa has two units on Nico, UsaYamai (憂病), the overly yuri couple, and UsaTolie (憂辛), the adorable hetero couple. You can also listen to her weekly radio show, which she usually holds with Yamai. She’s faced some drama recently, but it looks like she’s not going to stop anytime soon. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite from her, so…

Tolie (トゥライ) is a male singer with a hot, soothing voice. In fact, he’s probably my favorite male singer. His name originates from his cover of BLACK ROCKSHOOTER, which he fucks up at one point in the song, singing “turai” instead of “tsurai”. He is also a talented composer, since at the beginning of 2009), he revealed that he was minato (RyuuseiP). Tolie frequently collaborates with Usa (OTP!!!), both inside and outside of Nico. In October, under the names of minato and Hana, they released a single, with her taking care of the vocals and lyrics, while he composed, arranged, and provided the back vocals for the songs. He also participated in Usa Colony’s second album, writing songs for Usa and Yamai, as well as singing in some of the tracks. My favorite song from Tolie would have to be crystal mic, since it’s so very soothing. His talking voice is very nice too. >__>;
**(fuck you guys, i’m just gonna call him tulay tolie tourai christel minako turai from now on .__.) Whoop, I guess it’s officially “Tolie”. :V

Yamai (ヤマイ) has a deep, husky voice. Her personality reminds of a older sister, and her yuri parody of Danjo doesn’t help to dispel that image (oh god, now I want to watch Marmite). Her most popular cover is Koi wa Sensou, where her powerful voice completely blows you away. Kanan (華南) is her doujin HN. She frequently collaborates with Usa, on Nico and in Usa Colony, and they have a very, erm…delicious time together.

Choucho (ちょうちょ)’s rise to popularity is due to her rendition of Last Night, Good Night, in which she effortlessly hits those high notes with confidence. Her voice is not as sweet sounding as Usa or Gazelle, but it’s extremely clear and powerful. Choucho’s early covers were really shitty quality, but as of recently, they sound almost professional, thanks to the mixing of Asamaru. She is one of the core members of the Asamaru Family, along with Keisen and Jack, and they hold weekly radio shows together. Other than Nico, she participates as a vocalist in an amateur band called “LOTUS Kyoudai” (previously also in another anison cover band called “LOTUS LOTUS”).

Gonna take a break for now. I need to take a nap in order to be awake enough to catch Usa and Tolie’s radio show. I hope the アンチ won’t spam the thread…=__=;

Other singers to cover later: Ameko, Gomu, yonji, annyyy, halyosy, Anima, Sariya-jin, Re:, Ritsuka, Jack, doM, Nodoame, Parlour “Me”, Pokota, macoto, Yumo, Mitani Nana, J, Zebra, Yukiya, A-ane, Hotaru, Korosuke, Isaji, Yamadan, Aomofu, neko, Luschka, Bagyou no Fujoshi, Shimo (yes, I’m serious), ASK, Utawa Sakura, Ryoko, Yuge, Limone-sensei, ℃iel, 5 Comasuberi, cosMo (again, I’m serious), Kettaro, Hitori, Kanipan, Hyadain, that, Re:A, Sandankyou, Taitson, Miracle 28-sai♂, Rapbit, Utau Kitchen, Hong-kooong, Kushiya, F9, PAGECO, Hana-tan, Puriko, Milia, massΩ, Naisho Imoutol

15 thoughts on “Nico Stars (Cover 1)

  1. I’ve been learning japanese for not long and can’t find much info of them… and the worst is that i’m crazy for Tourai now. Thanks a lot for the post !
    Btw, where do you listen to Tourai’s radio show ? Can i watch it via the internet ??

  2. Turai doesn’t really have his own radio show, but he usually appears as a guest on UsaYamai’s or the Asamaru Family’s show.

    You can listen to it online (it’s a internet radio stream), but you can only listen to it when it’s live. Truthfully, he doesn’t do it often, but I guess I’ll try to make a post in advance if he’s going to show up on any show in the near future.

  3. Too bad they don’t release albums…
    Would love to see a compilation release of their songs by LonE so more people can enjoy their music, though.

  4. I really prefer Utawa Sakura’s version of Dear compared to Usa. Maybe it’s the mic quality since Usa’s version seems pretty old.

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  6. Thank you so much for Nico People’s info.
    I love people in Nico so much.

    Wait to read your next nico-star-cover.

    PS. Ahhh want to know japanese more and more.
    PS2. I am so sorry for take 2 comments.

  7. i came across this site when i was first getting into utatte mita a year ago and i didnt really pay attention as i read because there were too many names.

    Now i come back to this page and recognize all these names and a lot more, and i feel proud.

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  9. saw this on tube

    happens to be choucho and sariya.. but I’m really interested in seeing nagi live 😦 any vid of her guys?

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