LonE’s C75 releases – wave 3

Yeah yeah, I know C75 has been over for 3 weeks now, but when something good pops up it shouldn’t be just ignored, right? 😉

First release is Aneimo Vocal Collection. If you have got our releases of its soundtracks before, you should know how the theme songs by KOTOKO (1st game, “Fusion Star”) and Kawada Mami (2nd stage, “melty snow”) sound like, but nevertheless, this time we also get to hear the theme songs of some other “side games” of Aneimo, performed by Utatsuki Kaori, Satou Hiromi, and Sakakibara Yui. Sounds pretty attractive, yeah?

Second release is PRISM ARK “Chibi Kagura no Bouken” Theme Song Single – Chicchana Bouken, performed by Momoi Haruko. I’m not exactly a fan of hers, but I know there’re plenty out there. A cutesy song that might enchant you with its cuteness. Effect guaranteed for her fans.

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