Recruiting blog writers

As title states, we’re currently recruiting blog writers on C75 and regular basis of any music related to LonE (i.e. anime and game music. It’s not restricted to our releases only, meaning you can also write about jpop which we rarely rip). If you are interested in sharing your views and thoughts about the music you love, please contact me on IRC (nick “guuchan” on Rizon) or email me at

C75: round one

oh hi guys. i’m going to be covering c75, but don’t be surprised if you see sound horizon too. in fact, i’ll probably write anything related to doujin / nico music. :V

to begin with, BLACK ANGEL has the full circle list here. it’ll be updated with new stuff as more information gets released.

…yeah i’ll make more posts when there’s enough stuff i care about.

Kannagi ED PV – Musuhi no Toki

It seemed people really liked the OP song of Kannagi “motto Hade ni ne!”, my posted PV of it on youtube has lots of hits and comments, but personally I definitely prefer the ED, “Musuhi no Toki”. After intensive hunting I finally found the DVD! Here’s the PV encoded from it, enjoy. 🙂