C75: 5? and more

The road to C75 is getting shorter…

BLACK ANGEL has their C75 radio up (just click on the 再生 button). Playlist is here. You should try it out if you’re wondering what to expect from this year’s event. They even have full albums for you to listen to~
Twenty or so releases are added to the radio each day, so don’t fret if they don’t have what you’re looking for. :0

Before I begin, here’s some news tidbits about doujin related stuff:
– Shikata Akiko’s 3rd album “Harmonia” will be released on 02/18
– kukui’s Chizu Sanpo (OP for Marmite 4) will be released on 02/18
– kukui will have 5 songs in the upcoming Tales of the Abyss Image Album “brilliant world”, which will be released 01/07
– Annabel will sing the theme song “Tenohira no Rakuen” for the PSP release of Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo”

Title: Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki
Circle: supercell
Vocalists: Hatsune Miku

Maxi-single release of Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki.

Title: Hybrid Body
Circle: Sekken-ya
Vocalists: Atsushi

Original album.

Title: Wound Act
Circle: S.B.S.P
Vocalists: Ikeda Show, Kotsuki Miya, Takashi, Takeda Eruru

Seems to be some concept single. Looks, uh, interesting… >__>

Title: LunA NocturVia
Circle: Pizzicato Strings
Vocalists: Sarii, NAKI, Yanagi Nagi, Takeshi

Moar yanaginagi-tan~ ❤

Circle: Peach☆Child
Vocalists: Momoki Mami

Concept album about the sun, moon, and the stars. Hurrrr.

Title: piece -first contact-
Circle: Rill Practica
Vocalists: Momori

A sort of “preview” single for their 2nd album, which will be released in Spring 2009.

love solfege’
Title: AKURUGU Kaiseki ni Yoru Jiyuu he no Kyousa
Circle: love solfege’
Vocalists: Ayu, Katakiri Rekka, Sakuraba Wakana, Jenya, Nukichan., Nishizawa Hagumi

…yeah I have no idea what アクルグ is supposed to mean. But moar Rekka~!!!

Title: Touhou Rouran
Circle: Innocent Key
Vocalists: Nimo, Koko, gak, Itsuki Shion, Yousuke Shinpu, Mizoguchi Yuuma, Nishimoto Yuuri, witch, Kido Chie, ℃iel, Ooseri Ai, Shabadaba, Mano Murasaki

huge cast list is huge

Title: Gensou Hiaikyou
Circle: Middle Island

Intrumental album featuring arrangements from various doujin games.

Title: Last snow
Circle: Chibikko Folk
Vocalists: Hoshina Yuko

Winter-y light pop~

Title: Ouka Kekkai -Perfect Cherry Blossom-
Circle: =NeutraL=
Vocalists: Yuna, Hayama Riku, Tamari, Kotsuki Miya, NAKI, Souwer, Amaoto Junca, Nose Touya

Err, I think that’s the right transliteration? Anyways, moar U.N. Owen is good for me~

Title: Kurenai
Vocalists: Nana Takahashi, aki, CALEN, A~YA, 709 sec., Arima Misaki

3rd vocal arrange Touhou album. I hope it’s good as the last two… D:

There’s still some more stuff (Rokugen Alice, IOSYS, Gungnir Over Rev…), but I’ll wait until there’s more information before I post.

5 thoughts on “C75: 5? and more

  1. I wonder how many ppl actually reading this afterall xD
    anyway.. thanks for the update though xD
    at least i have something to look forward to 😛

    Momori and love solfege one definitely need to get… no matter what 😛 (Memories are here~~~~)
    together with pizzicato strings… their music is perfect for sitting back, relax and having a cup of tea in the middle of the day/night :3

    For those touhou stuffs.. i dont want to comment too much on them… unless they add some vocal tracks to it.. otherwise they all sound alike to me >_>

    btw, maybe i will recommend a cd here as well.. though its not related to Comiket 😛 but who ever reading this should give it a try :3

    アトリエ ヴォーカルヒストリア [Atelier Vocal Historia]
    # 商品番号: KDSD-10034
    # メディア: アルバムCD
    # 組枚数: 3
    # 発売日: 2009/01/28
    価格: 3360円(税込)

    1. [DISC.1] 好きだった絵本 (Vocal Version)/ みとせのりこ
    2. [DISC.1] 始まりの丘 (Vocal Version)/ みずさわゆうき
    3. [DISC.1] エーレ・グラムナート/ 高橋美紀
    4. [DISC.1] はるかな刻の彼方でも/ 千葉紗子
    5. [DISC.1] 思い出を背にして/ 千葉紗子
    6. [DISC.1] 白夜幻想譚/ 霜月はるか
    7. [DISC.1] 歩む道/ 堀江真美
    8. [DISC.1] silent rhyme/ 堀江真美
    9. [DISC.1] Run For Your Life/ 霜月はるか
    10. [DISC.1] 夢の未来へ~合唱版~/ ガストスタッフ
    11. [DISC.1] ねぇ/ 真理絵
    12. [DISC.1] シリウス/ 真理絵
    13. [DISC.1] STIGMATA/ みとせのりこ
    14. [DISC.1] TOGGLE/ みずさわゆうき
    15. [DISC.2] My Silly Days/ 真理絵
    16. [DISC.2] 希望告げる鐘~合唱版~/ ガストスタッフ
    17. [DISC.2] Namenloses Licht/ 一純悠人
    18. [DISC.2] Sail/ 柳麻美
    19. [DISC.2] まわれロンド/ 長沢美樹
    20. [DISC.2] 明日になれば/ 長沢美樹
    21. [DISC.2] 明日になれば -Jazz piano v/-/ 堀江真美
    22. [DISC.2] 明日になれば Remix/ 堀江真美
    23. [DISC.2] 海を仰ぐ/ 永倉秀恵
    24. [DISC.2] この青い空の下/ 永倉秀恵
    25. [DISC.2] この青い空の下 Remix/ 永倉秀恵
    26. [DISC.2] Eternal Story/ 霜月はるか
    27. [DISC.2] 旅立ちの扉/ 堀江真美
    28. [DISC.3] schwarzweiss ~霧の向こうに繋がる世界~/ 霜月はるか+Revo
    29. [DISC.3] Flowers In The Rain/ 片霧烈火
    30. [DISC.3] Lorelei/ みとせのりこ
    31. [DISC.3] 大切なことば/ 石橋優子
    32. [DISC.3] 未来を信じて/ 那須めぐみ
    33. [DISC.3] あしあと/ 堀江真美
    34. [DISC.3] あしあと -Jazz Arrange Version-/ 堀江真美
    35. [DISC.3] The Way of Eternity(『あしあと』英語版)/ 堀江真美
    36. [DISC.3] もうひとつの物語/ 東野祐美
    37. [DISC.3] タカラモノ/ 片霧烈火
    38. [DISC.3] Friday/ 柳麻美
    39. [DISC.3] Shiny/ 柳麻美
    40. [DISC.3] La Folia/ 霜月はるか

    Thanks meer for those wonderful posts :3

  2. me? *round two*

    more shimotsukin~
    more love solfege’~
    more, more, moreeee!!!

    anyway, that atelier CD… seems good
    *me will kills guu if he wont release that*

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