C75: threee

wtf is it snowing here

Title: Trois Rouge, Trois Noir, Trois Bleu
Circle: ALiCE’S EMOTiON, Alstroemeria Records, Sound Online
Vocalists: Misato, Misawa Aki, Nomiya Ayumi, Kaori Michiru

3 circle Touhou arrange project…looks ridiculous, yeah. But I like the vocalists, so we’ll see how this turns out.

CLOSED/UNDERGROUND らぶらぶオサレポップミニアルバム「トイショップ」
Title: Toyshop
Vocalists: Katakiri Rekka

I really thought that she was going to troll me again by announcing something on the fucking day before the event (see C74). She got it early this time. I’m surprised. Although…”toyshop” first appeared on her INNOVATION radio CD (which was like two years ago or w/e), so it took a while for her to finish the project. BUT THAT’S OKAY I STILL LOVE YOU ANYWAY <3. p.s. it’s another 18+ cd. i guess someone’s gunna get raep’d again lol~ :B

Title: Seidouwa Koubou
Circle: Roses Epicurean
Vocalists: Haduki Yura

Haduki’s vocal can get really grating at times, but since I liked Roses Epicurean’s first release, the music will make up for it. D:

Title: eon:sophia
Vocalists: KOKOMI (Asriel), monet (Pixelbee), Hirose Sayaka (Corky Voce), Tamari, Ouri Yuu, Momori (encounter+)

A best CD featuring various BGMs and vocals from CRAFTWORX’s music novels.

Title: Zero
Circle: Corky Voce
Vocalists: Hirose Sayaka

Their second release. Their first one (from M3-22) was quite nice, and this one sounds even better than that.

Title: Alice in the Necrosis -GRAND EDITION-
Circle: Rokugen Alice
Vocalists: Sakurai Anna

re-packaged shit ftw

Circle: Keshi Studio
Vocalists: MaY, Haruyo, Milia, Usa, Katakiri Rekka

Rekka. Version. Of. YuuyuP. Song. saldfk;sdalfkdf;;s

Title: Wild Flowers
Circle: Spring Wing
Vocalists: Moricchi, SaK, Tanachuu☆

There’s not a lot of doujin rock albums (or guys singing), so this is a decent example of one. D:

Title: Rebirth, Leap
Circle: Re:Volte
Vocalists: saori

Rebirth is a collaboration CD with SYNC.ART’S, saori, and PURE POLLUTION. Leap has IOSYS, Iemitsu, and Pilgrim in their roster.

Title: rabbit
Circle: Alieson
Vocalists: Kudou Yun

…what an interesting image you have there…Calendar is sure nice though. D:

Title: rabbit
Circle: Alieson
Vocalists: chika, wato, Yuna

Square (go away Enix) vocal arrange album. Includes games from Final Fantasy, Seiken Densetsu (aka Mana series), SaGa Frontier, and Romancing SaGa.

Title: rabbit
Circle: Alieson
Vocalists: Chata

Chata-rin…where is my crossfade. :<

Title: rabbit
Circle: Albatrosicks
Vocalists: quim_underconstruction↓, miko+Resurrection

IOSYS’s attempt at sounding normal.

…..still a lot more to go. T____T

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