C75: Round Two

(okay guu, here are your capitalizations. :V)

So this is when I start talking about the stuff I care about. :B

plz2note that i mostly care about original releases (and mai hanii rekka). we need to get a touhou fag to balance this shit up in here.

Title: Sound of the Goldenwitch
Circle: Circletempo
Vocalists: Katakiri Rekka, Kino Nei

tbh, I only care about it because it has Rekka…and because it’s a Umineko arrange CD. Circletempo did a song for Rekka called Kamigami no Uta (sry no youtube link) a while ago, and since it’s one of my favorite songs, I’m really looking forward to this. :>

Title: Acqua alta
Circle: Requanaiz
Vocalists: Haduki Nano, Mikoto, Reyca


Title: Lyrical Crimson
Circle: EastNewSound
Vocalists: …they suck at listing information, so the only one I can tell apart is Haduki Nano.

A Touhou trance arrange CD. You may have heard some of their works before, since they sometimes upload their arragements to Nico (also, Haduki Nano = nayuta). The crossfade sounds really nice. :0

Title: Arco-Iris
Vocalists: Nakae Mitsuki

I liked their previous releases, so~

Title: MILDE-SORTE ~constructed minds~
Circle: Luna-Haze
Vocalists: Kawamura Yumi, jahoda, Hyo-Sei

A “sound opera” with a team of talented composers (Morrigan, onoken, Hosoi Soushi…) and voice actors (Oohara Sayaka, Satou Rina, Tobita Nobuo…) behind it. Perhaps the most interesting aspect about it is that Aramary (ex. Sound Horizon vocalist) is one of the voice actors. I haven’t seen her do ANYTHING in a while, so it’s nice to see her working again…although I would love to see her sing again (just not live).

Title: monochrome
Circle: Reliance:Tone
Vocalists: Yanagi Nagi, Misato…


Title: eclipse Kai
Circle: Usagi Kinoko
Vocalists: Chata

Remake of Usagi Kinoko’s first album.

Title: Hako no Naka
Circle: mimei
Vocalists: michika

Another mimei release. They always have nice stuff.

Circle: Kishida Kyoudan
Vocalists: ichigo

Looks like another original release from Kishida. Their last original album, Hoshizora Logic, was quite good. Hopefully, they’ll live up to it.

Circle: Seele

Tales of Vesperia image album.

うさころ に
Title: Usakoro Ni
Circle: Usa Colony
Vocalists: Usa, Yamai

Hmm…so they went back to using their Nico names…

Title: Ame, Karari. / Amai Wana
Circle: Hana to Onix
Vocalists: Hana

Hana (Usa) and Kobayashi Onix’s (guy who did Saihate) unit.

Going to stop for now (internet = shitty due to next door asian trash fucking around with the wireless). Still got lots of stuff left. ;__;

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